So…..What are ghosts

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In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost (sometimes known as a spectre (British English) or specter (American English), phantom, apparition or spook) is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear, in visible form or other manifestation, to the living. Descriptions of the apparition of ghosts vary widely from an invisible presence to translucent or barely visible wispy shapes, to realistic, lifelike visions. The deliberate attempt to contact the spirit of a deceased person is known as necromancy, or in spiritism as a séance.

The belief in manifestations of the spirits of the dead is widespread, dating back to animism or ancestor worship in pre-literate cultures. Certain religious practices—funeral rites, exorcisms, and some practices of spiritualism and ritual magic—are specifically designed to rest the spirits of the dead. Ghosts are generally described as solitary essences that haunt particular locations, objects, or people they were associated with in life, though stories of phantom armies, ghost trains, phantom ships, and even ghost animals have also been recounted


Brown Lady of Raynham Hall claimed ghost photograph by Captain Hubert C. Provand. First published in Country Life magazine, 1936

Brown Lady of Raynham Hall claimed ghost photograph by Captain Hubert C. Provand. First published in Country Life magazine, 1936

This photo has been around for more than 70 years (77 years) and was captured at a very early time (1936) by two photographers on the 19th September 1936.  The photo graph has been produced in many books and articles since the 1960s, and more recently on TV and websites across the internet.

The Story of the Photograph

It was taken at Raynham Hall in Norfolk on the afternoon of the 19th September 1936 at around 4pm by two London photographers, Captain Provand and Mr Indra Shira. Raynham Hall was traditionally haunted by “the brown lady” a women in a brown brocade dress.  When she was alive she was know as Dorothy Walpole, second wife of charles, who died in 1729.  Provand and Shira was working for the magazine country life at the time, taking pics in the hall area.  They were about to finish when when Shira said he could see a figure coming down the stairs and urged provand to take a photo.  Although he could not see it for himself he exposed the plate and the image showed a strange luminous shape on the stairs.  Then the photo was published in the country life on 26th December 1936.

The photo was considered one of the best photo’s of all time.

Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall now

Raynham Hall now

So here is an example (if you like) of one amazing pics of a ghost, taken even in the 1930s.  If you believe in ghosts like me, then would love reading stuff like this so keep coming back cuz there;s gonna be a lot more.

……..back to Rayham Hall……..

according to the legend Dorothy Walpole was the first prime Minister of Great Britain was is always fascinating to know.  Her husband Charles Townshend was well know for his violent temper, when Dorothy had an affair with Lord Wharton, Charles punished her by locking her in a room in Rayham hall.  She remained there until she passed in 1726 from smallpox.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this story and beginning of my blog as much as I have. Please comment on anything you want to say.









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